Where are our artists?

Does the world have any artists anymore? Has the artworld been monetized so much so that art today has become a commodity, a status symbol, an investment? Do we now view art as an accessory, color matching, decorative, social media driven, watered down, muted and uncontroversial. Pretty, trendy, bartered and formulated through interior designers. Decided by committee? Subscribing to a me too mentality?

Art is a form of personal inner expression. Unique and evolving. When we fail or are fearful to value introspection and the examination of the human condition we risk conformity, apathy and dullness of spirit. We no longer encourage differences of opinions as we march toward uniformity and passivity.

There are artists out there. They continue to challenge our social views and present there individuality and insight without consideration. They are the vessels of creativity. They are raw and vulnerable and at the space in between. They celebrate our existence and our humanity while at the same time reflecting our shortcomings and frailties. Perhaps they frighten those of us who would not choose the road less taken. Those of us who would settle.

We must find our artists, both externally and internally. We must never allow complacency to overcome our innate pursuits of transcendence and higher being.

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